The Maharashtra Village Social Transformation Foundation (VSTF) was set up by the Government of Maharashtra, with support from corporates, with an aim to create a public-private partnership that aids holistic development in rural Maharashtra.

The objective is to integrate multiple developmental goals — including skill training, education, water security and environment protection in over 1,000 villages in a way that is scalable, sustainable and self-enforcing.

WCT has partnered with VSTF to provide technical inputs to 69 villages in the Bramhapuri Division of the Chandrapur District of Maharashtra that are critical from the perspective of forest and wildlife conservation.

WCT will be:

  1. Creating baselines of economic and psychosocial parameters to monitor impacts of interventions
  2. Creating mechanisms to mitigate human-wildlife conflict
  3. Building capacity of the communities to co-manage the forests around their villages with the forest department
  4. Developing technological solutions for dissemination of vital information about wild animals to avert human-wildlife interaction proactively
  5. Estimating population of carnivores and closely monitoring the impact of interventions on them
  6. Building capacity in local villagers to improve their employability


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Header image © Dr. Anish Andheria