Our 360° Approach

Six hundred rivers originate from, or are fed by, the tiger-bearing forests of India, making these habitats crucial to our water security. With several million people living in and around forests, we cannot separate communities from conservation. Recognising this, WCT has adopted a 360° approach to conservation by focusing equally on wildlife protection and community development.

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Camera Trap – Means of ‘Counting’ progress

Camera trap is an age-old technique crucial in identifying new and critical wildlife areas outside the limits of pre-existing Protected Areas network, is now being extensively implemented by Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) to... Read More

Eurasian Otters – Lost and Found

The discovery of Eurasian Otters, comes as a wave of new hope to conservationists and environmentalists alike, as these creatures have found a new home in the Indian landscape. A species never recorded... Read More

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