An encounter with Wild Dogs – the Whistling Hunters of Bor WLS

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Whistling Hunters - Wild Dogs - WCT

“Sir, look here!” cried my field assistant, pointing through the tall grass. We were in the Sukdi beat of the Bor Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra, undertaking a data collection survey on carnivores and had just settled down for a short break. I looked up and saw three adult wild dogs, also called dholes, barely 20 feet away from us. They were as startled by our presence as we were by theirs and one of them bared its teeth at us. I was surprised to see a wild dog be aggressive towards a human and stood up slowly so that they could see me clearly. As soon as I did so, the trio darted away. Watching them leave, I spotted a pup behind them and realised that that was why they had been so anxious. Although brief, it was a wonderful encounter with the whistling hunters of Bor.


Photo by Dr. Anish Andheria