Law Enforcement Training - Wildlife Conservation Trust


Our intensive three-day workshop on wildlife crime is helping law enforcement authorities in India’s critical reserves.
WCT’s Wildlife Crime Prevention Training Programme is now part of the core curriculum in state forest training institutes including Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. We conduct trainings at various levels, focussing on frontline forest staff, park management, local police and the judiciary.


How We Prevent Crime

WCT’s rounded approach to crime prevention is shoring up protection in India’s wildernesses. We work with forest departments to identify gaps in their protection mechanisms and work to fill them, equipping Anti-poaching Camps, providing vehicles and other necessary equipment. Simultaneously, we focus on building staff capacity.

Our staff travel to forests across the country, conducting training workshops for officials on

  • Basics of wildlife laws.
  • How to effectively patrol.
  • How to map a crime scene.
  • How to collect evidence from a crime scene.
  • Building intelligence networks.

We also partner with local organisations to conduct specialised trainings on arms maintenance and conducted the first-ever Site Security Training for the Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF) in Pench and Tadoba.