Communities living in buffer zones largely rely on the forest for their livelihood – an unsustainable practice. To reduce this dependence, we empower them by providing them employment. We provide vocational training to unemployed youth living in and around India’s forests, and use a network of job providers to find them gainful work.


Vocational Training – Working for jobs

Manufacturing Sector

WCT works with NGOs and social enterprises to train young people living in and around Protected Areas in various vocational skills. There is a huge demand for entry and mid-level employees in the manufacturing sector. We capitalise on this by providing training in trades such as automobile technology, construction, electronics and tailoring. We help candidates with career advice and job placement after their training.


Service Sector

The service sector is the second largest employer in India, after agriculture, with a 27% share of India’s workforce. WCT works to connect young people living in and around Protected Areas with employers in the service sector. Candidates are trained in customer relations, hospitality, information technology enabled services and other skills.


Agriculture – For the farmers

Uplifting Farmers

Farmers are one of the most vulnerable sections of Indian society. They are subject to the vagaries of climate, the inaccessibility of markets, and the lack of technological support. Agriculture is the primary source of income for this half of the Indian population.
WCT, and its NGO partners, work to improve the lives of these individuals. We introduce them to the latest technologies and connect them with financial institutions and buyers.

Connecting Farmers and Technology

WCT and its NGO partners strive to introduce farmers to the latest agricultural techniques using various methods. We conduct training sessions. We host exposure visits to agricultural fairs where farmers can interact with and learn from others. We create demo plots for field trials of new methods. We also connect farmers with vendors of agricultural tools and buyers so that they can sell their produce directly to markets.


Programmes – Prepping for vocation

Pre-Vocational Training for Students

WCT works with Vigyan Ashram, Pune to conduct an Introduction to Basic Technology (IBT) programme for students in standards 8, 9 and 10 in government schools. These schools are located in the buffer zone of the Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra.

The IBT programme includes courses on nutrition, agriculture, basic engineering, energy and environment. It combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Through this, children can identify vocational training courses they would like to pursue once they are done with school and are exposed to various career options.


Header image © Dr. Anish Andheria